Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Memories

Halloween was so fun with all four kids. I couldn't help but think of last Halloween. Katelyn had been home for a few weeks but Brandon was still at Primary Children's Medical Center. That day he was still very sick after surgery and we found out he had blown a Nuemothorax (a small hole in his lung) and there was free air in his abdomen. They had inserted a chest tube to release the air. He was so ademetous that nothing we had gotten him for halloween would fit anyway, but he was so sick and had so many lines and tubes that it didn't matter anyway. We laid his onesie that Derek had made and the hat we had picked out on top of his swollen body for pictures. It was a sad day and I remember vividly the disappointment and pain of the day. When the babies were first born we told Blake and Derek that they would probrably be home around Halloween. It was three weeks past term and we thought it was a safe estimate, but that day especially it was abunduntly clear it would be much longer for Brandon.

Tonight we enjoyed taking all kids trick or treating and the worst thing that happened is Brandon threw his glasses out of the stroller without us noticing. But we noticed fairly quickly and were able to find them - well Blake was able to find them (which was no easy task in the dark, after a light rain, with leaves everywhere - thanks Blake!!!) They were completely unharmed in spite of the fact that they were on the sidewalk on Halloween night for 20 minutes!!!! What a difference a year makes! It is truly unbelievable how much different life is now than it was last year. I would take looking for miniature glasses any day over what we were dealing with last year. We are so richly blessed and there simply aren't words sufficient to express my wonder and gratitude for the miracles that are my children!
Sorry for the bad lighting! Our camera with a flash is not working, so this is one was taken with our video camera. Blake was a black ninja and Derek was Obi One Kanobi. I was Chewbaka.

Brandon and Katelyn got to go "trick or treating" at Brandon's motor class at Kids on the Move.

The cutest little devil!

Brandon wearing his signature pumpkin hat in the NICU last September.

Derek with Brandon - Halloween 2007

Brandon - Halloween 2007

Halloween 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Our latest challenge with both Brandon and Katelyn is getting them to drink. A couple of weeks ago Katelyn decided to quit nursing. We’ve also been working on weaning Brandon. This all sounds great but we’ve really struggled to get them to drink enough. They aren’t showing any signs of dehydration but it’s not uncommon r them to drink half of the daily minimum, despite the fact that we are constantly offering them drinks.

We’ve tried all kinds of cups. One of the interesting things we’ve tried was hair coloring bottles. They made it easy to squeeze and help the babies get the milk through the straw. They still weren’t getting enough. We talked to the doctor and he said if they get less than 10 oz. for a couple of days in a row that we needed to bring them in. This was kind of scary because we know what kind of things they do when babies aren’t eating and drinking enough.

Despite our efforts to keep our family healthy, we’ve been sick lately. Derek had Strep and Brandon had a Ear infection. Although Katelyn didn’t show many other signs of sickness weh ran a slight fever and threw up a couple of tijmes. This made it even harder to make sure whe was getting enough fuilds.

With the suggestion from one of our therapists, Amy did some hard-core modifications to some of our sippy cups by replacing the straw with some tubing. The good news is that it seems to work. They drank more today than they have for weeks.

When we were in California we had some family photos taken. The photographer was great and he posted a handful of the pictures at his blog. I put some of hem below.
Here is his blog:

I got a bunch more photos of our trip to California from my family.

The water was very cold but we couldn't slow them down, even after Blake took in way too much salt water and lost his lunch. He was heading back the waves before we could burry the evidence.

Friday, October 24, 2008


It’s been a while since our last post. We’ve been busy. We recently returned from a trip to California. The boys had some time off of school and it had been years since we visited my family in California. It was time for the kids to get to know their cousins, aunts, uncles and visit Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We got a chance to go to LEGO Land, Disney Land and the beach. The boys loved all of it.

Our camera quit re-charging part way through the trip. However, with the help of cell phone cameras and getting pictures from the rest of the family, I have a bunch of pictures to post. As we get more from everyone else I’m sure we will continue to post pictures of our trip.

Brandon has recently started tucking his legs under his body when he sleeps. This was taken at our brief stay and my Aunt and Unlce's house in Vegas on our trip. We came into town very late and left very early each time we passed through Vegas.

Brandon with "Fireman" Uncle Nathan.

Cousin's and and Aunt Deanna on a roller coaster at LEGO Land.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Watching Their Weight

Brandon and Katelyn are still very small. Although I don't know exactly how big Brandon and Katelyn are - last time Brandon was weighed he was 15 lbs (about 3 weeks ago) and Katelyn is narrowing the gap. As I have been doing some shopping for them to have the fall/winter clothes they need I have had to laugh. They are wearing 6 month clothes now. I find that shopping forthem is kind of the opposite of shopping for myself. I hate to shop places where the sizes run small and I need to buy a bigger size to fit me. I would always rather be wearing a smaller size on the tag ( I know this is completely ridiculous, but true!) I do the opposite for the babies. I love Old Navy and Target's sizing because I can buy bigger sizes and the fit them. There is something very exciteing about them wearing a 6-12 months and having it fit well because it least it has their age on the tag.

Now that we are transitioning out of traditional baby food to more and more table foods, we have to find new ways to sneak in a few extra callories. Squeezable margarine can go in almost anything, although we don't usually use it in food that is not sweet. But we are adding heavy cream to the whole milk they are getting in a cup. We still add formula to any baby food they get and yogurt, applesauce, etc. Who would have ever thought you could do these kinds of things to keep a kid growing. Katelyn is still also on her appetite stimulant as well. We go in a few weeks to the doctor so we'll find out how much they are gaining then.