Thursday, June 26, 2008

Two Weddings with a Funeral Director

That sounds like a good title for a movie. My uncle runs a mortuary. He was at both weddings. I just threw that in there because it made for a catchier title. Things have been very busy and it has been a long time since I posted anything. Let me start with the two weddings.

My cousin Tyler was recently married not to far from where we live. My parents and sister Staci where able to come for the wedding.

Blake and Derek before the wedding

Brandon at the reception

My niece Sienna at th wedding

Not long after my brother, Nathan, got married in Cabo San Lucas. Amy survived 5 days without me. This was no simple task. While I was gone the dishwasher quit working so she also managed to take care of that and all four kids. Here are some photos from Mexico:

Candind shot of Nathan and Dianna

View from out room in Cabo.

Kids playing in the rose petals.

The rehersal dinner

My sister Staci and her family after the wedding

4 of the 10 Grandkids - the ones who made it to Mexico

Baby Update:

Brandon has cut his first tooth (while I was gone). He continues to make progress with using his left arm and leg, however some days he seems to regress. Those days can be pretty discouraging. Overall he is doing well. One of the new activities we have been working on is teaching him to crawl up our stairs. Crawling on the stairs can be easier than on a flat floor but he learns the same movements. He really wants to move and he gets frustrated when he gets stuck on the floor and can’t get where he wants to be. Both Brandon and Katelyn have been pretty sick. Brandon’s oxygen needs went way up. He even had to use oxygen during the day. However, he is down tonight and I haven’t heard the alarm for a while.

Katelyn’s new trick is clapping. (It looks like I need to work on getting some video up.) We also took her in today to get more shots for her lip. It is getting much better. I really hope it continues to improve at the same rate. Katelyn’s biggest challenge has still been growing. Niether Brandon or Katelyn are growing like they should but poor little Katelyn seems to have the most trouble. We have been doing everything we can. One problem is that she often throws her food up. Because she has been sick lately it has only gotten worse. Amy took her to the pediatric gastroenterologist last week. We have changed formulas and we are trying a bunch of different approaches. One problem is that this new formula is crazy expensive. and has to be ordered by the case.

Our good friends the Pope's came to visit. We had a lot of fun spending time with them. Here are a couple of photos:

Friday, June 13, 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008


It’s been a long time. I’ve been super busy but luckily Amy stepped in and posted a couple of times. So much has happened lately. The boys graduated from preschool. They had a pretty elaborate ceremony where they sung a bunch of songs and they covered a lot of the subjects they learned this year. Below are pictures from the graduation.
Blake's favorite thing about his preschool gratduation, was "being in front of all the people"

This is Blake and Derek with their amazing preschool teacher Mrs. Cathie.
They miss her already!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fox Family Freak Show Hits The Road!

We took our little circus on the road last weekend on our first family vacation with four kids four and under. We went to Boise, Idaho to see our friends the Popes. It was so fun to be out of the house and doing things together with family and friends.

I am thrilled to say that traveling with everyone was fairly uneventful. The babies behaved themselves remarkably well in the van. They slept, ate and played on the way there and I don’t remember any fussing or crying at all. (I was starting to think we should spend every day traveling!). There were some pretty crazy moments trying to keep the babies fed along the way.

They were angels while we were there too - and what baby wouldn’t be with five extra people giving them constant attention. We had a great time while we were there just hanging out. Their son Jacob was baptized on Saturday and it was such a special day. He is such a great example. The ride home wasn’t quite as smooth, but still relatively uneventful. All of the stopping along the way added a couple of hours to the trip, which was definitely rough on the boys. The first time Blake asked if we were there yet was when we had barely gotten to Pleasant Grove (about 10 minutes from our house). I wish I could say it got better.........

We couldn't leave home without video games, so we brought Rock Band to play. Although everone enjoyed it, I think Katelyn may be the one who had the most fun. I will try to get some cute video of her rocking out up later.